700 children freed: FBI finds adrenochrome farm in Trump’s basement

Dienstag, 9. August 2022

Even die-hard conspiracy theorists probably didn’t expect this spectacular turn of events: During a search of Donald Trump’s private estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida , the FBI came across an underground adrenochrome farm on Monday. More than 700 children were freed from the extensive cave system.

The shocking find proves the theses of the so-called QAnon movement, long decried as untrue and dangerous, according to which a sinister elite kidnaps and tortures children in order to extract the coveted adrenochrome from their bodies. The substance used as a rejuvenation drug is particularly popular in Illuminati and Satanist circles.

Experts estimate that the underground farm under Trump’s house produced about 50 liters of adrenochrome per week. In total, the FBI seized around 300 bottles of the substance.

The rescued 700 children are numerous missing persons in recent years. There were touching scenes at the FBI headquarters on Tuesday morning when the first parents were allowed to hug their children again.

The discovery of the largest adrenochrome production facility to date at Trump’s home is all the more surprising given that QAnon supporters have been among the billionaire’s biggest supporters to date. The fact that Trump, of all people, is probably the most important major supplier is a blow to the entire movement.

“We always knew that behind the cabal were the rich elites,” said one shocked QAnon follower. “But for some reason we couldn’t or didn’t want to see that Trump is also rich and part of the elite. Were we gullible?”

Others wonder if QAnon was created by Trump himself. Did the movement only serve to distract attention from the machinations of the real estate tycoon and blame his own transgressions on political opponents? A clue may be provided by a particularly enigmatic “Q-Drop” from 2021, which consisted simply of the word “Covfefe.”

However, alternative explanations for the events of the last 24 hours are already circulating within the QAnon movement. “There is much to suggest that KILLary Clinton secretly set up the adrenochrome plant under Mar-a-Lago to blacken Trump,” says a relevant online forum.

The photos discovered by the FBI showing Trump at the adrenochrome tasting are also said to be fake. “I don’t believe Trump has anything to do with this until I hear it from him,” said another post. “Unless he’s just pretending to have something to do with it to fool the evil elites. Then of course I don’t believe a word he says.”