Video Of Creationist Museum’s Replica Of Noah’s Ark Claiming There Were Dinosaurs On Board Is Truly Mind-Boggling

There’s a recreation of Noah’s Ark built in Kentucky by a young earth creationist group. While you might think you understand what a replica ark would include, some of the things in there might surprise you.

‘The Good Liars,’ a comedy duo that often troll and prank right wingers went to visit the ark.

And what they found was shocking.

In the above video, Davram Stiefler goes to the Ark Encounter to experience what creationists claim it was like on Noah’s Ark. While there, he speaks with an animatronic of Noah and asks for an explanation of dinosaurs.

The program has a pre-built answer and claims that not only were dinosaurs on the ark, but they were also dragons.

As the animatronic says:

“Dinosaurs are land animals. Of course they came onto The Ark!”

He then calls for his son to open a grain store to feed the dinosaurs.

Young earth creationists believe the earth to only be about 6000 years old, with the flood happening 4300 years ago. This would mean that humans and dinosaurs would have co-existed.

By contrast, scientific evidence puts the age of the Earth at 4.5 billion years, with dinosaurs existing millions of years before humans.

The Ark Encounter is a project by the organization Answers in Genesis, started by Ken Ham, a Christian fundamentalist. In addition to thinking the earth is only a few thousand years old, he also has some bigoted ideas about marriage.

I wonder if it feels good to be so blissfully religiously ignorant of science, facts, and you know… common sense? Please, share your thoughts on this extravaganza of intentional idiocy.