Donations poured in and volunteers rushed to help: Here’s how Martha’s Vineyard communities responded to the arrival of migrants

In the hours after roughly 50 migrants touched down on Martha’s Vineyard in two planes sent by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the island’s community — still jarred by the unexpected arrival — rushed to help the newcomers.

“We received food, we received clothes, we received … different things, so much so that we’ve had to relocate that donation drop-off spot to the fire department,” Edgartown, Massachusetts, town administrator James Hagerty told CNN Wednesday.

“In just two days we built such a connection between the volunteers who worked at the shelter and really providing and working with the migrants to really take some next steps for their future in this country,” she said.

On Friday, the migrants were transported to a military base to receive shelter and humanitarian support, officials said.

Before they left, all those who needed a cell phone were provided a mobile device with a US-based number, and they were all given a $50 Visa card, with the help of funds raised by the community, Folcarelli said.


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