Poll: 77 Percent Won’t Vote for ‘Anti-justice’ Democrat Candidates

A large majority of voters are fed up with crime in Democrat-run cities and vow to not for candidates who are supporting policies that handcuff police on stopping violent crimes.

The Convention of States Action asked voters for their positions on candidates who support policies that keep police from detaining criminals for crimes like kidnapping and armed robbery.

Even Democrats are abandoning the pro-crime, anti-police agenda as cities have become increasing unsafe during a crime wave under President Joe Biden, according to the analysis.

Just 6.3% of Democrats say they are more likely to vote to candidates running on handcuffing policing, while 93.7% of Democrats are less likely to vote for those candidates.

Somewhat surprisingly, independents were even more likely (96.7%) to vow to vote against anti-police candidates than Republicans (95.7%), according to the poll.

“Americans of all political backgrounds have a strong belief in protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty,” Meckler added in his statement. “More than any other issue, this spells serious trouble for the Democrats in 2022.