Why Is David Tennant Now Playing The Fourteenth Doctor, Not The Tenth?

David Tennant will be playing the Fourteenth Doctor, rather than the Tenth, in the upcoming Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials. This is why.

This article contains spoilers for the Doctor Who centenary special, “The Power of the Doctor.”

David Tennant is confirmed as playing the Fourteenth Doctor in Doctor Who, not reprising his role as the Tenth Doctor, but why? Before the release of Doctor Who centenary special “The Power of the Doctor,” Sex Education‘s Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the next actor taking over from Jodie Whittaker, but that proved somewhat misleading when Whittaker regenerated back into David Tennant. Showrunner Russell T. Davies has since revealed Gatwa will portray the Fifteenth Doctor after David Tennant’s second tenure as the iconic Time Lord finishes. Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor will star in three specials celebrating the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who set to release in November 2023.

Tennant’s depiction of the Fourteenth Doctor has been incredibly similar to that of the Tenth so far, with Fourteen even acknowledging his predecessor through the feeling of his teeth. The decision to have David Tennant play the Fourteenth Doctor is likely designed to open exciting new possibilities for the character rather than limiting his return to Ten’s existing canon. One possible in-universe reason the Fourteenth Doctor is so similar to the Tenth is that the Master’s forced regeneration somehow messed with the Doctor’s regenerative ability. The Thirteenth Doctor may have also reversed the Master’s hijacking of her body a little too well, meaning she reverts to a familiar face instead of getting a new one.

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