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Sangre por sangre!

If Jesus is not a blood-relation to Joseph, why is it that Matthew and Luke trace Jesus’ bloodline precisely through Joseph? This is a question that neither author answers: both accounts give a genealogy that can’t be the genealogy of Jesus, since his only bloodline goes through Mary, yet neither author provides her genealogy.” ~ Professor Bart D. Ehrman [‘Jesus Interrupted, Revealing Hidden Contradictions In The Bible  (And Why We Don’t Know About Them)’ 2009 Harper One, p. 36]

Yet, the vast majority of Christians will reject those words from the renowned New Testament scholar, claiming that they are right, and the academic is wrong. However, the scriptures agree with the scholastic, as the Bible acknowledges that the Holy Spirit fathered Jesus, albeit without Mary’s consent. So, it doesn’t matter what the Gospel of Matthew or Luke says about the supposed genealogy of Jesus, which is a ruse to try to prove that Jesus was the messiah.   A failed messiahship one at that!  It is obvious, if one is not blinded by indoctrination with the mythical ancestry of Jesus, riddled with errors.  As well as introducing five female ancestors (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary) to make up a male only genealogy.  The question is how could Jesus have had human ancestry from Abraham, let alone from King David, whose grandmother was not even an Israelite.  Even the length of the genealogies are vastly different, with Luke having 42 generations, while Matthew has 28 generations.  The authors of Matthew, and Luke, must have thought everyone, but themselves were ignorant, to believe that Jesus was descended from Adam?  Yet, today that is the case, with evangelical adherent of Jesus believing in every word of the Bible.
Yet, many Christians insists that Matthew’s genealogy is of Mary, they are mistaken. If we take the KJV Bible, which states16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ. Matt. 1:16.  (Now Joseph is the husband of Mary?  What happened to the betrothed? As you can see, it was not Jacob begat Mary.  Also debunking Mary having a genealogy in Matthew or any other gospel regarding Mary mother of Jesus having parents or siblings, Father Johann Roten, S.M. (Society of Mary) wrote:   As it stands, the sources dealing with the life of Ann, Joachim, and Mary do not mention brothers and sisters of Our Lord’s mother. The canonical gospels—as we know—do not speak of Mary’s parents.
So, the Bible does not have a genealogy of Mary.  To, suggested that Mary and the genealogies had something in common: suggest that believers have their minds confiscated by their religion, and are no longer expected to have any opinions or to think on their own.
What puzzles me is the ignorance of these believers of the genealogy of Jesus believe that peasant folk of the time stated could know their ancestry a thousand years earlier.  In the days of illiteracy and no birth certificates or any information technology.  It would be hard-pressed for 98% of literate people of today knowing their ancestry more than five or six generations past.
What do you say?
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