Biden’s Coming Bizzaro-World State of the Union


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Americans, as well as elected Republicans, should also remember that, no matter how much Biden talks about “unity,” this is the same president who slandered Trump voters as “semi-fascists,” used the FBI to target upset parents with “domestic terrorist threat tags,” and threatened to withhold funding for school lunch programs in order to force districts to adopt left-wing transgender bathroom policies, among a litany of other divisive acts.

Beware the Media Spin

Biden’s biggest ally in rebranding himself as a great bipartisan president will be the mainstream media. When it comes to the policy proposals in Biden’s speech, the media narrative will be that Biden extended the hand of bipartisanship, and that Republicans are guilty of “obstructionism” if they do not embrace the entire Democrat agenda.

For instance, on the border, Biden will likely continue to call for “comprehensive immigration reform” – which is Democrat code for mass amnesty and a host of other left-wing immigration policies. In other words, Biden will insist that he’s willing to take minimal steps to secure some parts of the border, just so long as Republicans vote in favor of giving mass amnesty to the tens of millions of people already in the country illegally, thus further encouraging more illegal immigration.


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