Officers Save Suspected Burglar From Bleeding Out After Homeowner Shoots Them In Self-Defense

On January 27, the Haines City Police Department was dispatched to a home burglary after the homeowner and his girlfriend found two strangers in their kitchen.

Fearing for his life, police said the homeowner pulled out a gun and fired five rounds toward the strangers. Seconds later, he and his girlfriend got back in their vehicle and called 911. Police confirmed the homeowner has a concealed weapon license.

Once officers got to the scene, they started searching for the suspected burglars. They found shell casings and a blood trail inside the home, which led a K9 outside. Shortly after, police found one of the suspects down on the ground in a nearby park.

Officers quickly realized the suspect, later identified as 27-year-old Tyriek Tramaine Washington, was beginning to bleed out and has been calling for help. In body camera footage, Washington can be heard saying “I got a baby on the way, man.”