Should we consider national divorce?

America was founded, and has operated for more than two hundred years, on some fundamental principles – that individuals have inalienable rights, such as free speech, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, due process, etc. And that the purpose of government,  its reason for being,  is to protect those rights. The far left is instead seeking to destroy these rights and impose a very different form of government,  and without going through the process of constitutional amendment.

These concepts have led to the incredible prosperity, comfort and happiness that Americans have enjoyed, as well as the innovation, strength,  and largess that the world has enjoyed due to American freedom.

But a small number of the far left extremists in this country now reject the freedoms which led to our success, and indeed, the very notion of individual rights AT ALL.

The far left are a minority, yet through the “long march through the institutions ” have taken control of every power center – e.g. the media, academia, and the bureaucracy in DC – and now are attempting to impose their communist / socialist / progressive view on the people, and to trade national sovereignty for international comunalism.

Why not have a process whereby we each state can decide whether it wishes to remain a part of the United States, and abide by the Constitution,  or chart its own course.


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