Threat of rising seas to Asian megacities could be way worse than we thought, study warns

Hong Kong CNN — Parts of Asia’s largest cities could be under water by 2100 thanks to rising sea levels, according to a new study that combines both the impact of climate change with natural oceanic fluctuations.

Sea levels have already been on the rise due to increasing ocean temperatures and unprecedented levels of ice melting caused by climate change.

But a report published in the journal Nature Climate Change offers fresh insight and stark warnings about how bad the impact could be for millions of people.

While many shoreline Asian megacities were already at risk of flooding, the study suggests that previous analysis underestimated the degree of sea level rise and subsequent flooding caused by natural ocean fluctuations.

Since natural fluctuations have a high degree of variability, their impact is hard to quantify. But the study showed that with the maximum possible impact from natural fluctuations combined with the expected consequences of climate change, several Southeast Asian megacities would become new hotspots of high sea-level rise.

In the Philippine capital Manila, for example, the study predicts that coastal flooding events within the next century will occur 18 times more often than before, solely because of climate change.

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