James Reimer Declines to Wear ‘Violent’ San Jose Sharks Jersey

Saying that the violent imagery goes against his religion, San Jose Sharks goalie James Reimer has declined to wear the team’s jersey.

“It’s something that has weighed heavily on my conscience ever since I signed with the Sharks,” says Reimer. “As a follower of Christ’s non-violent teachings, I can’t support this kind of imagery. A shark biting into a hockey stick? I mean, come on!”

Reimer wants to make it clear that he respects sharks, but that doesn’t mean he has to support every shark initiative that comes along. The stance has drawn both criticism and support from hockey fans.

“When you sign on with the Sharks you have to figure you’re gonna wear the jersey once in a while,” said Mr. Plett of Riverton. “I mean, I get it, I don’t prefer to wear teal myself, but then no one’s paying me 4 million a year to do it, so …”

What would YOU refuse to do if you were paid millions of dollars a year to play games?