Because euthanasia is forbidden in this country: seriously ill people travel to the USA and ring someone else’s doorbell

Because euthanasia is illegal in Germany, Isabel Riedel from Frankfurt, who is terminally ill with cancer, is now trying something different: the 40-year-old wants to travel to the USA next week and ring a stranger’s doorbell there .

“Many people in my situation go to the Netherlands, where active euthanasia is allowed,” she explains. “But I want to end my life as quickly, inexpensively and unbureaucratically as possible. Of course, the latest news from the USA sounds very promising.”

For Riedel, who has already written her will, it should be over within seconds. “I’ll just pick a house over there with a US flag in the front yard, ring the bell, and then mentally prepare myself to be about to be shot with a gun by a hysterical American man. I just hope he hits him squarely in the head. “

If, contrary to expectations, she is not murdered immediately or only moderately injured, Isabel Riesel wants to try a few other tricks: ” I reserved a rental car especially to drive into a strange driveway and catch a bullet like that. If that doesn’t work either should I still try to touch someone else’s car in a public parking lot .”

Experts have calculated that a combination of these three behaviors is enough to give you a 98.7 percent chance of being shot in the United States.