Islamist antisemitism in the US masked by alliance with far left – study

As antisemitic attacks continue to rise in the United States, a growing alliance with far-left organizations has shielded US Islamist groups from scrutiny of their antisemitic statements and ideas, a study by an Israeli think tank warned.

“US Islamist groups and leaders have increasingly sought common cause with progressive left-wing groups that promote minority rights and intersectionality among racial, ethnic, and religious minorities in their efforts to build coalitions around common interests,” charged Yehudit Barsky and Ehud Rosen, authors of the Institute for National Security Studies report “Islamist Antisemitism in the United States,” set to be published Tuesday.

The “red-green” coalition is based on a narrative that portrays the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as an anticolonial struggle, and US Muslims as victims of racism on par with other marginalized minorities in the US, said the INSS study.

The alliance also seeks to delegitimize Jewish communal organizations, according to Barsky and Rosen, by portraying them as part of a white power structure in the US that is ineligible for inclusion in progressive coalitions.

“Within these coalitions,” charged the study, “US Islamists have sought to boycott and delegitimize progressive Zionists and supporters of Israel, deeming them as oppressors and illegitimate participants.”

Islamist antisemitism in the US masked by alliance with far left – study

When the above photo was taken, Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were discussing their mutual enemies: The British and the Jews. 

Fast forward to 2023, and Islamists still view Jews as an enemy. The British empire has faded away and been replaced by American hegemony. Islamists obviously view America as the new foe which replaces the British.

The main difference between when this photo was taken and now is that instead of allying with the far right to create a judenfrei world, Islamists are allying with the far left to pursue their judenfrei objective. 

But how did a group that is overwhelmingly homophobic and sexist get hooked up with the global left? 

There are two driving forces: progressive binary thinking, and the progressive victim hierarchy.

Progressives view the world in a binary way, with people and groups falling into one of two categories: the oppressed, and the oppressor. 

White people: oppressors 

Black people: oppressed 

Jews: oppressors

Muslims: oppressed 

Israel: oppressor

Palestinians: oppressed

In this binary way of thinking, it is impossible to form a balanced view of pretty much anything. For instance, the history of the Jewish people, and the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, is reduced to Israel = oppressor and Palestinians = oppressed. There is no room for history on this topic for a progressive. There is no room for dialogue on this topic with a progressive, because they ignore all history and instead embrace a simple binary way of thinking. 

Islamists are drawn to this binary ideology because it allows them to paint all Jews as oppressors and Islamists as victims, despite the numerous times Arab armies tried and failed to create a judenfrei Middle East. Not to mention harassing Jews across the earth and holding random Jews ‘responsible’ for ‘Israel’. 

Progressive orthodoxy also has a victim hierarchy. 

At the top of this group are blacks and Muslims. If you are a black Muslim like Ilhan Omar, it is next to impossible to do anything wrong in the minds of progressives. Hypnosis is not an officially policy of the Israeli government, but supporters of Omar and the progressive victim hierarchy can’t find fault in Omar because it goes against the victim hierarchy.

The hierarchy can be seen all over. For Asians, it is being rejected from universities because they are not high up in the victim hierarchy. This is judging people by their race. It means when black Muslims from Ilhan Omar’s native Somalia commit heinous massacres of non-Muslims, progressives on BNR are not posting articles about it, because it runs contrary to blacks being only victims. 

Because progressives have placed Muslims at or near the top of the hierarchy, it is in the interest of Islamists to subscribe to this in order to garner sympathy as ‘oppressed people’. This, while their Palestinian faction indiscriminately fires rockets at civilian population centers with lots of Jews. 

Overall, it is clear that Islamists continue to seek allies to seek a judenfrei world as Hitler failed. It is disappointing but unsurprising that progressives have become useful idiots in their quest.