Explosion of AP climate change stories following $8 million environmental grant

AP pledged it would keep total control of stories despite the infusion of cash.

Reporting supported by philanthropic donations has increased recently as advertising has dried up. Even the New York Times uses it.

While reporters have expressed concern, editors have promised not to cave to the politics of donors. All those that provided the grant money to AP have been climate activists.

Hewlett, for example, said on its webpage that its grants “focus on cleaning up power production, using less oil, using energy more efficiently, preserving forests, addressing non-CO2 greenhouse gases, and financing climate-friendly investments.”

The MRC Business study authors wrote, “The so-called ‘journalism’ AP has been doing on climate involves behaving like the de facto mouthpiece for its major left-wing donors who have an obsession with pushing apocalyptic climate narratives on the internet.”

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