Trump’s 2025 vision, revealed

Why it matters: In public statements, videos and posts on his campaign’s website, Trump complains about Washington’s “swamp” — but lays out a plan that would give him, as president, more control of virtually every facet of life in America.

Zoom in: Trump’s plans go well beyond the provocative promises he made during his recent CNN town hall — to pardon nearly all of the convicted Jan. 6 rioters (there have been about 500), and to immediately broker an end the war in Ukraine.

  • Such pardons would effectively nullify what Attorney General Merrick Garland has called the Justice Department’s most far-reaching and important investigation in its history.

Those moves would be extremely controversial, but generally within a president’s authority. Much of Trump’s agenda, however, would represent an unprecedented power grab by the executive branch — driven by far-right conservatism and Trump’s grievances.