Is Islam The Future Of The Religious Right?


Christians and Muslims disagree on whether Christ was divine, whether pork is haram and whether Muhammad was a prophet. They agree, however, that there are two genders, that euthanasia is an abomination and that first graders shouldn’t learn about gay sex. They agree that mankind’s purpose is to glorify God and obey His commands, not (as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy put it) to “define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.”

Six years ago, conservative Christians marched against Shar’ia law. Today, many would rather live under the Islamic Crescent than under the Pride Flag. And that may turn out to be the choice on offer. Christians are slowly, painfully learning that neutrality is a myth. There’s only Christian hegemony or your choice of dhimmitudes

Anti-feminist and anti-trans commentary from conservative Christian pundits like Matt Walsh and Candace Owens has “circulated widely among traditional Muslims,” journalist Rasha Al Aqeedi reported in a piece for New Lines Magazine.

“I would feel more comfortable raising my future children in [Saudi Arabia], Qatar, or [the United Arab Emirates] than UK, USA, or Canada,” Christian conservative rapper Zuby tweeted on May 16. “The culture is less hostile and less debased. Morality and reality aren’t being inverted in real-time.” 

Islamic and Christian traditionalists will disagree about which faith ought to dominate, but they can unite in their condemnation of a materialist, individualist society that has abolished not just God, but humanity itself. 

Make way for the Christian Taliban. – for real!!  Here you have a right wing publication and pundit going all out to make the point of how the tie of conservatism is stronger than any difference that conservative Christians and Muslims may believe they have.   What say you?  Will conservatives win out over the differences between Christians and Muslims? Is Quay right in that Islam, the future of the religious right?