Tucker is Americans’ most trusted news source

A new survey by Gallup and the Knight Foundation reveals that Tucker Carlson, recently ousted by Fox News despite being their top show host, is the “most followed or watched public figure in the United States for information,” dominating legacy media news names like NBC’s Lester Holt and ABC’s David Muir.

Carlson edged out Rachel Maddow, the leftist weekly host on MSNBC, in the poll of 3,821 adults by Gallup and the Knight Foundation. It was conducted in October, well before Carlson lost his job and eponymous show on Fox News.

The survey asked this question: “Now we are going to ask you about the one public individual you watch or follow the most to get information. Public individuals are people who have public influence (for example, a celebrity, journalist, academic expert, show host, online influencer, or business leader). Please list the one public individual you watch or follow most often to get information.”

Tucker tops the list with 113 respondents giving his name as the person they most count on for their news….


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