Now it’s getting sticky: Trans activist glues self to floor during school protest

Wearing a shirt reading “no more dead trans kids,” a transgender activist glued themselves to the floor at Oxford University Tuesday during a speech that called for men to be prohibited from women’s bathrooms, according to the Guardian.

Dr. Kathleen Stock, a British philosopher who speaks out against the transgender movement, spoke at Oxford University stating that it is not “fair” to women when biological men use their restrooms because it brings threats of violence, according to the Guardian. Nearly 100 trans activists protested ahead of the speech holding signs that read “our existence is not a debate”, “take stock of trans joy” and “trans power,” with one activist going as far as to adhere themselves to the ground.

“I don’t blame that protest, it wasn’t traumatic for me,” Stock said after the protestors were removed. “You can disagree reasonably and still be friends.”

Stock was able to continue her speech after police removed the protestor glued to the floor near her chair, the Guardian reported….


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