Revenge for Koran burning in Sweden: Angry Muslims burn IKEA catalogues

Now the Muslim world is striking back: after a Koran was publicly burned in Sweden yesterday , believers in the Pakistani city of Karachi took revenge by in turn abandoning the Swedes’ holy book to the flames. 

“Ha! So! That’s what they’ve got, those damn Swedes,” shouts demonstrator Tasar Ahmadani with satisfaction after throwing an IKEA brochure “Kitchens 2022/23” into the fire. “What they can do, we can do too!”

The protest seems to be having an effect: the Swedish government reacted with outrage to the IKEA catalog burning and summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Stockholm.

An official statement from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads: “The burning of IKEA catalogs is a totally unacceptable act and hurts the feelings of over 10 million Swedes. Insulting Swedish sanctuaries has nothing to do with freedom of expression!”

Violent riots broke out on the streets of Stockholm as a result of the IKEA catalog burning.

Interesting. How do you feel about the burning of both of these equally relevant religious books?