The Museum of the Bible.

The Museum of the Bible.

A Christian evangelical billionaire owner of Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., with over 900 stores in various states within the US, is the founder, and chairman of the Museum of the Bible, in Washington DC. The museum’s mission is to invite all people to engage with the transformative power of the Bible. Wow! That is pretty brave when you consider what the Bible is and how it came into being. The first thing that came into my head was “nylon.” Why nylon I here you say? Well, nylon is a man-made fibre, which was not invented by a gaseous deity, but by man. The Museum of the Bible opened in 2017, staffed by a team of academics, designers, and technology professionals, said to be the cream of Christendom. Dom, being the operative word, or more properly dumb! Three years after the museum opening, the museum’s most treasured possessions, the Dead Sea Scroll, were found to be fake. Forgeries made from the leather of old boots. Boots that had no connection to the Bible, yet these so-called Christian academics failed to spot the multi-million Dollar fraud.  The Hobby horse evangelical owner, Steve Green, should have realized that Israel houses all the authentic Dead Seas Scrolls.  Only a zealot Christian with a damaged ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) would believe anything for sale on the antique black market was authentic.
After six months of analysis, experts released a 200-page report detailing how all the sixteen fragments were forged—likely made from old shoe leather.  Shoes certainly not belonging to Moses, or even any biblical figures, not even Nike, or Yeezy or even Air Max were not in the running.
“Each exhibits characteristics that suggest they are deliberate forgeries,” the analysts said in a statement.
The museum stated that in the first year of the opening, the museum had one million visitors, visitors that believe they have set eyes on the work of God.  Just like the Bible forgery has turned into a genuine article.

To make convincing fakes, researchers estimate the forgers coated the scraps with a “shiny amber material… most likely animal skin glue.” The exhaustive report was the product of a six-month effort, including 3D microscopes, infrared spectroscopy and “energy dispersive X-ray analysis.” Part of the same collection had already been removed from display after tests in October 2018 found them to be inauthentic, too. These earlier tests were ordered after biblical scholars who examined 13 of the museum’s previously unstudied fragments said there was a “high probability” that a number of them were modern forgeries. And this was not the first time the museum’s owners have faced controversy. In 2017, Mr Green’s company the Hobby Lobby paid a $3m fine (£2.3m) and returned thousands of items after the US Department of Justice accused it of smuggling artefacts from Iraq.

Christianity has from it conception been seen as a money making organization by fair or foul means. The Roman Church gained it possessions and wealth by fakery, and forgery, and from its unwitting gullible congregations. The American Protestant Mega Maga churches continue the tradition of taking money from their followers to fill the church coffers. One can ask what else, is fake in the Museum of the Bible owing to its religious past, with its connections to forgeries. What do you say about the discussion?

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