Scoop: How GOP pressured Texas senators over Paxton’s impeachment trial

Scoop: How GOP pressured Texas senators over Paxton’s impeachment trial

Mike Allen,
Sep 17, 2023 – 

Following a secret campaign coordinated by top Trump allies, Texas state senators yesterday acquitted Attorney General Ken Paxton of all impeachment charges, allowing him to return to his post.

  • Why it matters: The allegations against Paxton, a close ally of former President Trump, bitterly divided the Texas GOP, Jay R. Jordan of Axios Houston and Nicole Cobler of Axios Austin report.

Behind the scenes: National Republicans organized an under-the-radar campaign of outside conservative pressure on the Texas senators designed to neutralize mainstream media coverage, top strategists tell me.

The team had a “very well-defined target audience … no different than a confirmation battle,” the strategist said.

  • After winning, Paxton tweeted his thanks to the conservative news outlet National Pulse, a valued player in the under-the-radar drive.

“We didn’t care what the MSM (mainstream media) said,” the top GOP strategist said.

  • “We basically ignored them from start to finish. Goal was to fire up the grassroots. A story in National Pulse, Post Millennial and similar publications was more valuable than any harm an A1 NYT story could do.”

What we’re hearing: It was made clear to Texas GOP senators that they’d face a very well-funded primary opponent in their next election if they voted to impeach.

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