Cringe Alert: Biden Makes Creepy Comments to Little Girl at Military Family Event

But then came the comment to a little girl. After making his general remarks, he saw her and made a beeline over to her, telling her that he “loved her ears.” She appeared to be wearing something like Mickey Mouse ears. “I love ’em! They’re really cool,” he said to the child.

He asks her name and she says, “Katherine.”

He responded, “That’s my mommy’s name.”

Then he asked how old she was, 17? She replied that she was six years old. No, Joe, six and 17 are not the same thing. And it’s creepy to talk to a little girl about her appearance.

He then tells her four-year-old brother he’s going to have to watch out for her, as his sister did for him.

You can see Jill pursing her lips and getting tense in the background when he does this. She knows that it’s going to be picked up by the media.

Can he just stop talking to little girls? And acting like they’re 17? This isn’t the first time. Heck, it isn’t even the first time he’s made strange comments to a little girl at a military family event.

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