The False Creation of a Messiah, a 1,000-years reign that lasted at best 3 years, at waste 1 Year!

The False Creation of a Messiah, a 1,000-years reign that lasted at best 3 years, at waste 1 Year!

There are those who will say, that I have forgotten the Second-Coming, not at all, as I have already stated that the Second-Coming (Mark 9:1) has been and gone in an earlier discussion. Even if such a miracle were to happen, it is too late for Jesus to complete a 1,000-year reign, as the world will end at the Jewish year 6,000 or 2040 CE. Some 18-years hence, according to Rabbi Pinchas Winston!
Yet, again the Christian festive season (adopted from the Pagan festival of Saturnalia) is almost upon us once more, with more children being mentally abused by a religion whose past is greatly wanting in historic truth. Children are going to be told that baby Jesus was born in a Judaean Bethlehem stable, because the inn was full. This was the story told me, albeit said in Welsh.

A story with one purpose to create a messiah that would last a thousand years, but failed at best, lasting for three-years, at worst one year. However, there is nothing, not one iota of truth in that story, false evidence to make Jesus the messiah, born in Bethlehem, the home of his supposed Davidic royal ancestors. Who, by the way, was not of Israelite blood, King David was of Moab peasant bloodline through his great-grandmother, Ruth.  However, Joseph’s so-call claim to be of royal blood of King David, could not possibly be true, it is all about the messiahship. However, it made no difference to who Jesus was if we take the New Testament (NT) as proof. Which says that Mary was unwittingly raped by the Holy Ghost Luke 1:26-38, so there is no blood ancestry in Jesus from David, the so-called slayer of the Philistine giant Goliath.

The Deception to create a Messiah!

The nativity, and all the stories surrounding it, are based on the supposed messiahship of Jesus through Joseph the carpenter, whom the NT writers glorified as having royal blood from King David.  Bethlehem in Judah, was the so-called ancestral home, and Joseph and his pregnant child bride had to travel from Nazareth in Galilee of the Gentiles to the de-funked home of the House of Judah, to pay taxes.  You guessed it, another messiahship scheme.

Judah in the days of the Persian, was known as Yehud Medinata from 538 BCE-323 BCE, and then Judaea, then Palestine, as well as Jerusalem being renamed later to Aelia Capitolina, by Emperor Hadrian (117-138 CE). But it is Bethlehem of the tribe of Judah, we should be concerned about, a city shrouded in Christian history, a city that never was, according to ancient sources.

How can a peasant carpenter, living within the Gentile/Samaritan province of Galilee, claim descent from King David, who died some thousand years before? When today with all the technology, less than 1% of people at best could do is trace their family tree back no more than five or six generations. Any documentation of the Dynasty of David would have been kept in the Temple, along with all the treasures of the land. However, we know that the Temple was sacked, plundered and destroyed, along with Jerusalem in 586 BCE. What documents and treasures were taken to Babylon by the conquerors. So, how can a peasant carpenter claim after the monarchy had been extinct for more than five centuries. Yet, Christian (not Jewish) sources are adamant that Joseph the Carpenter ancestry was from the kingdom of Judah, and the House of David, with its seat in the City of David in Bethlehem. Well, according to the OT, there was no City within the bounds of Judah that was called Bethlehem. Some Christian scribes had not done their homework before putting pen to paper to make false assertions. This is going the same way as Nazareth, the City that Theology built. For the Christian that are wetting their lips and uttering profanities in my name, you all should have done your homework during Bible studies.

When the Israelites supposedly entered the land of Canaan, each tribe was given its territory along with certain cities. The boundaries for the territory of Judah are described in Joshua 15:1-12, and the cities that belong to Judah are listed in Joshua 15:13:63. This appears to be an exhaustive list, as 123 cities are named in these verses. However, Ephratah, which was the original name for Bethlehem, or Bethlehem Ephratah, or the name Bethlehem were absent from the list of cities in Judah. As I stated in an earlier discussion that Bethlehem in Judah was uninhabited, during the first century CE, whilst Bethlehem in Galilee some 7 miles (ca. 11 km) NW from Nazareth was very much inhabited.

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