“Our Country Cannot Continue To Accept This Level Of Failure” Senator Shelley Moore Capito Unleashes Critique of Bidenomics

In a recent address on the Senate floor, Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) aimed at what she perceives as the Biden Administration’s failures, starting with the escalating crisis at the southern border. 

Capito highlighted the staggering statistic of 6.7 million illegal encounters since President Biden assumed office, equating it to adding another state to the nation—a state larger than her home state of West Virginia.

Economic Struggles and Soaring Prices

Senator Capito didn’t limit her critique to the border, extending it to the economic landscape shaped by Bidenomics. 

She argued that the relentless pursuit of economic policies has led to skyrocketing prices, leaving American families grappling with the challenge of putting food on the table. 

Capito pointed out a 177% rise in cumulative overall prices since January 2021, with food prices increasing by 20%, energy prices by 32%, and rent prices by 19%. According to her, the Bidenomics approach translates to Americans spending more and getting less.