Grassley, Johnson Say Biden Special Counsel Missed Nine Boxes Of Potentially Classified Documents

Johnson and Grassley say Hur’s investigation was incomplete.

“Over the course of our multi-year oversight work, we obtained information from [the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)] relating to its involvement, knowledge, and role with respect to the existence of classified and unclassified documents at multiple locations from Joe Biden’s vice presidency,” the senators wrote. “As part of our inquiry, we publicly revealed last year that NARA had retrieved nine boxes of Biden records from the Boston office of Patrick Moore, one of Biden’s personal counsels.”

“Oddly, Special Counsel Hur’s report did not mention NARA’s retrieval of the nine boxes from Mr. Moore’s office,” lawmakers added.

They gave the Department of Justice and the FBI a Feb. 23 deadline to disclose why a review of the records retrieved by NARA was omitted from the special counsel’s final report.


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