‘Prick’: Fetterman Smacks Down Rand Paul

The Senate had crafted a bipartisan bill that did just that – funding efforts to “fix” the border, as well as provide aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, but Donald Trump killed it when he directed Republicans to not allow it to pass.

“I think we should stay here as long as it takes,” Senator Paul told CNN’s Manu Raju last week on Thursday. “If it takes a week or a month, I’ll force them to stay here to discuss why they think the border of Ukraine is more important than the US border.”

On Monday, Raju spoke with Senator Fetterman, who expressed in colorful language he is “frustrated” with Senator Paul. Asked why, the Pennsylvania Democrat did not hold back.

“We’re only here because of just one prick. And he decides that the rest of all of our schedules and our lives and holding up this bill to getting to the house for all of this aid. It’s incredibly frustrating and there’s no work being done. It’s just bad performance art.”