US Republicans plan aid package for Russia

Time is of the essence: Republicans in the US Congress are currently discussing a billion-dollar aid package for Russia. Given the trench warfare in eastern Ukraine, Russia could use all the help, said Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz.

“If we don’t act quickly, Ukraine will gain the upper hand,” Gaetz said at a press conference with other Republicans. “Do we really want Russia to end up facing defeat? After everything Putin has done for us?”

The aid package worth 80 billion US dollars is particularly important in this phase, as Russia has to cope with major material losses in its offensives on Ukrainian territory.

In addition, the Russian army is gradually running out of long-range missiles with which to bomb civilian targets in western Ukraine. “If Russia is already having trouble with Ukraine, how can it attack the rest of Europe, as Donald Trump recently suggested?” said Gaetz.

Last but not least, the Republicans want to use help for Russia to neutralize the US government’s support for Ukraine under Joe Biden.