NBC’s Tom Winter explains in precise detail why ex-FBI informants Russian intelligence ties are ‘extraordinary’

“When you look at the filing yesterday, they went really deep in unclassified information, information that was unclassified on Valentine’s Day when Smirnov was arrested, deep into his background: that he was a 10-year plus source for the FBI, that he had a handler that he talked to nearly every day, which is a lot, by the way, for somebody who’s a confidential human source,” Winters said of Alexander Smirnov, the now arrested former FBI informant.

” The 1023 is an interesting part of this because it speaks to the congressional component — If you remember, there was a big fight in Congress about whether or not a 1023 from a confidential human source about the Bidens should be released from the FBI. That happened in the spring of last year. This is ongoing. And then, at some point, it’s released.”

Smirnov then speaks with the FBI again on multiple occasions, according to the document, including even information about what Hunter Biden was up to at a hotel in Ukraine. “The problem with that is prosecutors say Hunter Biden’s never been there,” Winters notes.

“So it raises questions as to whether or not the Russians took a look at the fact that information they’re feeding this guy can go direct to Congress,” Winters summarizes. “And they’re smart enough to realize, ‘ Hey, you know what? We don’t even need to try to push this through the FBI. We can just tell this guy whatever information is going to go in a report, and then it might just find its way to Congress.’”

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