Wait, that’s why it took so long for this newspaper to release the KC shooter’s mugshot?

We have a mugshot for Mays, which the Kansas City Star included in their story about the new charges, but the editor’s note is something to behold:

 The Star is for the first time publishing a booking photo for Lyndell Mays, who was taken to the Jackson County Detention Center Tuesday night after being treated at a hospital. The Star had held off until Wednesday to understand why a booking photo of Dominic M. Miller was not available. The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said Wednesday morning that Miller is still at the hospital and had not yet been photographed. In addition, we took the time to carefully consider whether to use booking mugs in the absence of other images of the adult suspects; The Star policy is to use booking mugs only in the highest profile of crimes.

Are you kidding me? First, this was a mass shooting. The liberal media always treats these incidents as high profile unless new details emerge that prevent them from weaponizing the tragedy against Republicans. Second, it was a high-profile event—a Super Bowl parade for an NFL team that could be the next dynasty in the league for years. They waited because they treated this like a local shooting. That makes no sense since the event was televised. If the shooters were white, I think this mugshot would’ve been plastered everywhere, as they did with Kyle Rittenhouse and a host of other shooting suspects that aligned with the Left’s narrative on these stories.