The good news about our failing military – Trump can fix it

We need to elect President Trump if only to unscrew our screwed-up military – and he can. The situation is getting worse. The other day, Twitter came alive when a video dropped of a male Space Force colonel pretending to be a female lecturing at the Air Force Academy, and you look at this and realize that our military has become ridiculous under the current crop of generals and admirals. Not content with not having a single unequivocal major military victory in the last 30 years, they have presided over the descent of America’s once most respected institution into a laughingstock. No matter how hard they order troops to believe in the power of trans transformation, the troops will not believe. In the words of Austin Powers, a ridiculous fictional character who has won as many wars in the last 30 years as our generals and admirals have, it’s a man, baby. And our troops know it.

You cannot lie to a soldier’s face and expect him to follow you. That used to be Officer 101. Now just saying it is probably a hate crime.

And the results of this transformation speak for themselves. Recruiting is at rock bottom. Veterans like me now refuse to recommend military service, which is heartbreaking but necessary. To tell young people that they should join the military and be subjected to the indignity of having to call someone with beard stubble “ma’am” is a bridge too far – a reference that most of our generals probably wouldn’t get, judging from their track record of failure.