Dismissing “Inconvenient “ Science.

Science.  It gives us the medicine to keep us alive, the ability to detect potential medical issues, the ability to feed and clothe ourselves, detect hidden natural resources….   Science is real and enables us to exist.

But, there are some who will ignore or dismiss science because it goes against their religious stories.  The same science that says your land is geologically stable and build what you wish, can be tossed out when it says the Earth is older than 6,000 years.

Thank the science that can wander through your DNA and find your ancestors, and detect illnesses that may be lurking.  Smack down the same science that has us and the Great Apes both coming from a common ancestor.

Having your beliefs in spite of science is fine.  But, denying it and calling it wrong, is something entirely different.

A fear one`s beliefs may be wrong?  How dare science question one’s beliefs?  Selective belief when it comes to beliefs being questioned?

How can it make sense to ignore or trash the same science that makes our lives possible?




J.P. Bunny

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