“The Chosen One!

“The Chosen One!”

Sitting on the fence on the other side of the pond, looking in as it were, one can notice the wrongdoing of the malfeasant, whose claims that he is the “chosen one.” An outsider shouldn’t express concern, but when wrongs are happening and the followers are acting contrary to universal law, it’s necessary to express an opinion. The God incarnate is a rogue, lecher, felon, philanderer, fraudster, a lifelong criminal, and like the Galilean before him, the crook was an uncouth bad child.  So bad that his earthly father, who now dwells six feet under, took drastic steps to mend the young villain’s ways.  Well, the father failed to curb the “chosen one’s” roguish ways, as did the young Galilean whom we read in chapter 3 and 4 of the Infancy Gospels of Thomas, committed heinous crimes, too!  Like Jesus in the Gnostic Gospels, the “chosen one” was also a bully, when young. https://worldhistoryedu.com/donald-trumps-educational-background/

The false God’s appointed remodelled himself from being a school persecutor to that of a misogynist, a liar, a feigner of religion, as well as a convicted rapist.  He is a lawless thug, and a threat to democracy, and the American Judiciary and their families.  Yet, the Bible indoctrinated illiterate MAGA (Miscreants Amiably Granted Amnesty) horde do homage to this ochre headed abomination, swarm like locust to his every call.  They are deaf to his serpents tongue, and blind to this greedy, and forgive his perpetual criminality.  The forever conman looking for a quick buck, likened to a televangelist huckster selling Bibles at inflated prices.
His MAGA followers act like mindless automatons at their lawless one’s beck and call.  Refusing to believe that this self-appointed Guru is no more divine, but a charlatan, and a first-rate felon that should be behind bars.  What do you say?

J.E. Jeanne p.p. Jero Jones.

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Jero Jones

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