Concerns over antisemitism rise as Jews begin observing Passover

Columbia University 3rd year student Eden Yadegar is from Los Angeles and president of the group Students Supporting Israel. Because of her leadership role, she’s witnessed and heard from other students about scores of instances.

“Saturday night was horrible,” she says, describing, how a couple of Jewish students on campus holding an Israeli flag had it ripped from their hands and set on fire. “Someone threw fake blood at my friends on campus,” Yadegar says.

Other instances have included protesters yelling “Go back to Poland!” according to Yadegar. She says the frequency has escalated in the days leading up to Passover, especially calls for violence.

That increasingly heated language as well as instances of actual violence have American Jewish Committee CEO Ted Deutch alarmed.

“When protestors take to city streets and college quads to sing the praises of Hamas,” Deutch says, “and when they applaud Iran launching missiles at Israel, we should be appalled.”

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