Senile Donald Trump just “sitting there with a blank expression” during trial

Donald Trump once again fell asleep during his criminal trial today, which is now the norm for him. It’s taken this trial, which is putting him on public display for several hours a day, to finally expose that he’s unable to stay awake and pay attention and have any understanding of what’s going on for more than a short period of time. If you’ve spent time with a dementia patient, you know the drill.

After dozing off for part of the trial today, Trump did reportedly perk up when his former associate David Pecker was testifying. This isn’t a surprise. Trump saw someone he recognized on the stand, so he was suddenly interested.

But once Pecker was off the stand, and Trump’s attorneys were at the bench talking with the judge, New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi said that “Trump was just sitting there with a blank expression.”