The Biden Anti-American Legacy

Never before has an American president been so physically unstable that he needs an accompanying entourage wherever he walks. That shakiness is a visual metaphor of Biden’s presidency. He represents a departure from previous presidents in being the only president who leaves voters doubting whether he is actually in charge and wondering why a frail 81-year-old, broadly despised man is being pushed to run again, even as most don’t believe he’s capable of completing that term if elected.

Biden came in as the anti-Trump antidote who was supposed to unify us and bring the adults back into the room. Biden faces an international and domestic dumpster fire as he flip-flops from issue to issue. Here are just the top four issues that are likely to determine the election:

1.    Biden has been weaponizing abortion, promising “he would reverse the Trump-era actions that transformed abortion rights in America and make Roe v. Wade protections the law of the land.” Except that the Dobbs decision, which saw the Supreme Court return the abortion matter to the states, means he can’t keep that promise. Promising something he can’t deliver on is what Biden does best.


2.    Biden famously and constantly will tell anyone that support for Israel is “ironclad,” even as he refuses to send the arms Israel needs to destroy its sworn enemy, arms that Congress just approved a few weeks ago. Biden is in the proverbial pickle: Americans support Israel, which includes destroying Hamas, except for two major exceptions: students at certain elite schools and Muslims, primarily in Minnesota and Michigan. Biden now has made saving Hamas the U.S. policy with his demand that Israel enter into a permanent cease-fire, although Hamas is still in power and holds over 100 hostages (several of whom are Americans)! Election priorities are evidently more important than America’s only ally in the Middle East and the only homeland for Jews. A homeland is so obviously needed as we view growing antisemitism in action all over the country.

3.    The border is open, and millions are coming at Biden’s explicit request—explicit because he could order the border closed for national security reasons at a moment’s notice and authorize the use of deadly force to stop the invasion in less than twelve hours.


4.    Inflation has one primary cause: spending money we don’t have. We are adding debt at a rate of one trillion dollars every 100 days. Biden is fully cognizant of these issues’ damage to the middle class and doesn’t care one iota since he can’t win the next election without continuing these damaging policies.

Despite promises he cannot keep, a morally evil foreign policy that Americans oppose, and domestic disasters at the border and in the economy, Biden consistently sees support in the high 30s. Who are these people?