Wall Street banker dead at 35 wanted new job over grueling 100-hour work weeks: report

The 35-year-old Bank of America investment banker who died of a blood clot earlier this month was looking for a new job at a different company due to the stress of working more than 100 hours a week, according to a report.

Leo Lukenas III, a former enlisted soldier turned junior banker who worked out of Bank of America’s offices in Midtown Manhattan, contacted an executive recruiter about a new job before he died on May 2 of what the medical examiners called an acute coronary artery thrombus, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Douglas Walters, a managing partner at GrayFox Recruitment, told Reuters that Lukenas informed him in mid-March that he wanted to leave Bank of America because of the grueling hours.

Leo Lukenas III, 35, died on May 2 after suffering a blood clot while working as a junior banker for Bank of America. Leo Lukenas/linkedin

GrayFox Recruitment is a firm that specializes in placing people in financial industry jobs such as investment banking and private equity.

Walters told Reuters that Lukenas, who left behind a wife and two small children, did not raise any health issues in their discussions about career options.

The former Green Beret told Walters he thrived in a competitive culture and “would never say no” to assignments, Walters recalled.

But Lukenas also asked Walters whether it was normal to put in 110 hours of work a week.

Walters said he told Lukenas that consistently putting in such long hours was unusual even by Wall Street standards.

“He made a comment saying like, ‘hey, I’ll trade hours of sleep for a 10% (pay) cut,’” Walters said.

Lukenas said he had too little time to spend with his family, Walters added.

Lukenas is surived by his wife and two young children who lived in Brooklyn at the time of his death.Les Lukenas/linkedin

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