His Name Is Julian Wood: Three-Year Old White Toddler “Randomly” Butchered to Death in Knife Attack by Black Female (Who Smirks and Laughs During Her First Court Appearance)

Another “random act of violence” which we now is axiomatic for a moment where a black individual has murdered a white person, and the media doesn’t want to associate a racial angle to the killing. In this case, it’s the murder of a three-year old white male toddler, Julian Wood, by a black female who initiated the unprovoked knife attack at a Giant Eagle grocery store just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. This “random act of violence” occurred at 3 p.m. on Monday, June 3.

Were America the “racist” nation so many in power believe must be deconstructed and replaced with an aggressively anti-white system, the only story we’d be seeing in every major newspaper and on every newscast would be that of Julian Wood, a three-year old stabbed to death by a black female on a Monday afternoon in an obvious racial assault.

As it is, we have the horrifying video of his black murderer smirking and giggling in court as she is charged with her undocumented anti-white racial assault on Julian….


Approved ~ MJM