Hunter Biden guilty of felony gun charges, faces 25 years in prison

WILMINGTON, Del. — Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Hunter Biden became the first child of a sitting president to be convicted of a crime after a federal jury found him guilty of lying about his drug use in order to buy a gun.

The panel of six men and six women ruled President Biden’s 54-year-old son knowingly fibbed on a gun application form that he did not use controlled substances before walking out of a Wilmington shop with a Colt Cobra .38-caliber revolver on Oct. 12, 2018.

In fact, Hunter Biden was hooked on crack cocaine at the time, a fact he acknowledged in his own 2021 memoir — which prosecutors used as evidence against him.

Hunter was indicted Sept. 14 of last year on charges of making a false statement in the purchase of a firearm, making a false statement related to information required to be kept by a federally licensed firearms dealer, and possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of or addict to a controlled substance.


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