Mormons Launch Sacred Underwear Store ‘Brigham’s Secret’

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—A specialty underwear shop targeting Mormons has opened in Salt Lake City’s Temple Square. If the venture is successful, “Brigham’s Secret” stores will become a reality in malls and shopping centers all over the country.

The store allows men and women to shop for various temple undergarments, which are designed to offer both maximum comfort and be a constant reminder of the covenants made with God in the temple.

Coming in multiple colors, types of material, and various different cuts, the luxury temple garments will allow Latter-Day Saints to look their very best while going about their daily lives, as well as participating in special temple ceremonies like being baptized in place of dead relatives.

“For the special one to fifty-five different ladies in your life,” the tagline on the store window reads. “Show her you care with luxurious, comfortable temple garments straight from Brigham’s underwear drawer to yours.”

Would you buy these sacred underwear? Seems like a good deal.