“Wenn Dänemark nicht verkaufen will, geht es auch anders”: USA finden Massenvernichtungswaffen in Grönland (“If Denmark does not want to sell, things are different”: US finds weapons of mass destruction in Greenland)


Washington (dpo) – Donald Trump is said to have expressed interest in buying the strategically important island of Greenland from Denmark – and received a clear rejection. Nevertheless, the US flag could soon be blowing in the resource-rich area near the Arctic, because according to the American secret service CIA, weapons of mass destruction in Greenland have now been surprisingly discovered.

“If Denmark does not want to sell, things are different,” said Donald Trump, holding up a ticket to prove it. “Unfortunately, given this shocking accumulation of weapons of mass destruction near US territory, we are forced to take military action.”

In total, according to the CIA, there are about 200 ready-to-shoot nuclear missiles, 5000 trained fighting polar bears, 500 sarin-viking bases as well as other biological and chemical weapons:

“There is no doubt that the Danish government is planning an attack on the US,” said Trump. “We must make an immediate preemptive strike and occupy Greenland as soon as possible!”

Shortly thereafter opened several warships, aircraft carriers and fighter jets, according to the US “just happened to be in the area” the fire on Greenland.