Trudeau insists he was talking about another brash, incompetent US President also named Donald Trump

BUCKINGHAM PALACE – Prime Minister Justin  has clarified that he, and other world leaders were talking about a different US President also named Donald  when they were caught on camera speaking candidly about the day’s events.

“No, we weren’t talking about the President of the United States,” said Trudeau after being asked about his conversation with French President  and UK Prime Minister . “We were talking about a different Trump when I said ‘the senile bastard should just get impeached or die already so we can move on.’”

The other  is identical to the real one along with his slouching posture and old man smell, suggested President Macron.

“And when I said Trump was an international embarrassment and an orange-faced twit, it was meant as a compliment,” said Johnson. “That’s a compliment in Great Britain. I get called that all the time.”

But to clarify, we were referring to the other Trump,” added Johsnon.

At press time, ’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed his disappointment that leaders were not being more subtle by referring to the US President by his codename: Fuckface.

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