Having started the 2021 NHL season with a record of 6-2 the ever disappointing Toronto Maple Leafs believe they have finally found what works for them: no longer having to play the Boston Bruins.

“It’s still early but things are really coming together,” said Captain John Tavares. ‘We’re moving the puck, we’re skating well and we’re not getting our heads kicked in by the Bruins once every couple weeks.”

“That and getting to play the Senators and Oilers about 60 times a season really helps!” he added.

The Leafs have turned things around from last year when they were turnover prone and would constantly blow leads, primarily by playing teams that are unable to capitalize on their turnovers or overcome leads.

“Honestly I just feel like we’ve turned a corner,” said star Auston Matthews, openly weeping at the thought of no longer having to line up against Patrice Bergeron.

At press time no one wanted to tell the players they still may have to play Boston in the playoffs.