White supremacist organization clears white supremacist of white supremacy

Asian residents breathed a sigh of relief yesterday when the Atlanta Police Department, a white supremacist organization, cleared white supremacist terrorist, Robert Aaron Long, of white supremacy.

“Asian Americans don’t need to worry,” said Sheriff Frank Reynolds. “I specifically asked him if this was a racially motivated attack and he said no. He even pinky promised. Plus, I know he’s not a white supremacist because I’ve never seen him at any of our meetings.”

“If there is one person you can trust to know if they’re racist or not, it’s a mass murderer. And if there’s another, it’s the leader of a police force originally created to uphold segregation laws in the Jim Crow south,” added Reynolds.

When asked about pressure by the public to call what happened a hate crime, Reynolds responded “Why is everyone obsessed with calling this a hate crime? Seems redundant. Like, don’t we all hate crime?”

Many members of the Asian-American community were outraged by the Chief’s remarks and accused him of implicit bias. Fortunately the white supremacist FBI investigated and determined the white supremacist police department was totally correct to clear the white supremacist of white supremacy.

Today, President Biden took time away from deporting 33 Vietnamese immigrants and refugees to denounce anti-asian violence.