Terrifying Excuses Anti-Vaxxers Use To Avoid The Covid-19 Shot

Despite FDA approval and multiple studies proving it provides life-saving immunity, many people across the United States refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Here are the most terrifying excuses anti-vaxxers use to avoid getting immunized.

“I dated Dr. Fauci in college and he was an asshole.”

“My neighbor got the vaccine, and three days later I killed him.”

“I’ve grown up in a country that educated me poorly, where the right-leaning party panders to my worst impulses and the left-leaning one uses esoteric vocabulary and a system of elitism to alienate me and treat me like their inferior, this is my way of exerting just a tiny bit of control over my life.”

“I already died of Covid-19 last year.”

“There’s still so much we don’t know about the ocean.”

“I’ll lose half my sight when they puncture my eyeball.”

“I won’t get into Heaven.”

“Covid isn’t that bad anyway.”

Terrifying Excuses Anti-Vaxxers Use To Avoid The Covid-19 Shot
Since many people have survived the disease, anti-vaxxers argue that Coronavirus is just like a bad cold that millions of drama queens have died from.

“Bill Gates put microchips in the vaccines.”

“Nobody has survived it.”

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