Conservatives say Trudeau will be defeated like all other dictators: in an election

Having repeatedly called PM Justin Trudeau a dictator comparable to Vladimir Putin, the Conservative Party is vowing to stop him the same way freedom loving people have stopped all dictators throughout history: in an upcoming election that they know will be free of corruption.

“Hitler, Mussolini, Franco. What do these dictators have in common? That’s right they were removed from power during a fair election overseen by a non-partisan election officer they allowed to remain in power,” said Candice Bergen. “And that is the same thing that’s going to happen to Justin Trudeau.”

“If there is one thing we know about dictators it’s that they love voting and co-operation with other political parties,” she added.

Conservatives say they look forward to Canada joining the long line of countries that have freed themselves from their tyrannical oppressors by taking a couple minutes out of their day to fill out a slip of paper in their local church or elementary school, without any concern of violence or reprisal.

“It’ll be just like when The Berlin Wall fell after East Germans completed a referendum in favour of it coming down, or when Pol Pot resigned from office after only receiving 45% support on a confidence ballot.”

Reached for comment Lethbridge MP Rachael Thomas said “Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘comment’ as ‘something you say or write that gives an opinion on or explains something.’ And many Canadians would say that is what I have just done.”

“Bye Bye” she added while waving.