Timeline Of The DOJ’s Investigation Into Mar-A-Lago

On Aug. 8, 2022, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s residence in search of documents he had illegally taken from the White House after his presidency. The following timeline details both the lead up to and fallout from the Justice Department’s dramatic investigation of Mar-a-Lago.

Congressman William Lawrence introduces a bill to create a Department of Justice with the sole aim of illegally investigating Donald J. Trump.

Trump exits White House with classified documents after mistaking them for his personal nuclear information.

Trump instructs White House movers to be extra careful with boxes labeled “CLASSIFIED.”

Barron Trump begins using a nuclear launch code as his Xbox gamertag.

For a $25,000 donation, guests at a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser for Trump’s Save America PAC are allowed five minutes alone in the storage room with classified documents.

National Archives reaches out to Justice Department in email with subject line “You Deal With This Dipshit.”

Eric Trump enters storage room, runs nose along several documents, inhales deeply, and leaves.

The DOJ successfully serves a grand jury subpoena to Trump by disguising it as a bribe from Mohammed bin Salman.

Trump refuses FBI entry to Mar-a-Lago in effort to preserve proper dude-to-chick ratio.

For several hours, Eric Trump excitedly stands outside FBI surveillance van parked near Mar-a-Lago waiting for ice cream man to open.

FBI specialized plumbing division called in to confiscate over nine toilets’ worth of sensitive information.
Trump adds “un” to every document stamped “classified” still in his possession.

Trump condemns investigators for entering room clearly marked “No FBI Allowed.”

Justice Department’s entire case on verge of collapse after Trump declares he did absolutely nothing wrong.