Archaeologists Discover Red Pens Gospel Writers Used To Write Words Of Christ

Archaeologists, who are scientists who study old stuff, dug up an incredible find in the Holy Land earlier this week: a box of red pens purportedly used to write the words of Christ in the New Testament.

The box of red pens was partially used, likely by Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, who would switch to the crimson-colored writing utensils from their usual black Bic pens whenever they were recording the exact words of Christ.

“Bible scholars have been searching for this for centuries,” said head archaeologist Dr. Max Macon. “We knew that if the New Testament record is trustworthy, then the red pens the gospel writers used to write the words of Christ had to be around here somewhere. And now we once again have the Bible’s account confirmed to be 100% reliable.”

“To think that Luke or Matthew might have pulled out this box and started scrawling down Jesus’s parables… it’s pretty amazing.” The red pen was also reportedly used by Paul’s scribe to correct his grammar in the first draft of his “very angry and emotional” letter to the Corinthians. “Whenever Paul got either really upset or really worshipful, he’d toss all the grammar rules out and just bang out these super-long run-on sentences with prepositions at the end and everything. It’s still the Word of God, of course, though.”

Scholars are still on the hunt for the box of black pens used for the narrative, introduction, maps, study notes, table of contents, and page numbers, though there is division over whether the person who finds it gets to keep it or if it “belongs in a museum.”

Well, that settles it. Christian biased “Archaeologists” make the claim that their nonsense is real. Nothing else to see here. It’s all real. Just like their book that they wrote to confirm what they wanted the masses to believe says to believe.

I however, have my doubts at the veracity of these so-called Christian “Archaeologists”. What are your thoughts on this amazing coincidence that what these Christian “Archaeologists” found conforms exactly to the conclusions that they had already held to be true?

Do you think this religiously tainted/biased “archaeology” is credible? Or like their book… completely fabricated and devoid of any actual scientific evidence?