Police Chief Yells At Herschel Walker For Blowing Cover In Undercover-Senate-Run Operation

Dressing down the former NFL running back for ruining a long-running investigation, a top law enforcement official reportedly yelled at Herschel Walker on Tuesday for blowing his own cover in a sting operation to place an undercover officer in Georgia’s Senate race. “Goddammit, Walker, three years of building this fucking case from scratch, and you piss it all away with this little stunt of yours?” said state police chief Howard Leach, who pounded his fist on his desk and reminded the Senate nominee that he had been ordered not to tell anyone he was a sworn officer of the law, a precaution necessary so that he could use his candidacy to secretly gather evidence of corruption in Georgia’s Republican Party. “We were this close to blowing this whole thing wide open, and now we’re back to square one. I hope pulling your badge out on television was worth it, you stupid sonofabitch, because you’re fired. At least you didn’t pull your gun on anyone this time.” At press time, sources reported that Walker had asked the police chief to post a video of the two together on social media and confirm he was indeed fired from a real-life police department.