Conservatives React To Ye’s Appearance On Infowars

After the renowned hip-hop artist praised Hitler and Nazis in an interview with Alex Jones, The Onion asked prominent conservatives how they felt about Ye’s appearance on Infowars.

“Okay, fine. I’ll say it: He’s one of the good ones.” ~ Tucker Carlson

“I’m soaked.” ~ Kellyanne Conway

“Well, buried within Ye’s commentary is a cogent point, but in order to discover that point, we’ll have to ask ourselves, What is morality? What is value? Who is Hitler? What is Hitler? Why is Hitler? How is Hitler?…” ~ Jordan Peterson

“I denounce Black people in the strongest terms possible.” ~ Marjorie Taylor Greene

“While I disagree with his delivery, if you focus on the substance, you’ll find that he actually made some pretty good points.” ~ Adolf Hitler

“This is exactly what we knew would happen when we freed the slaves.” ~ Steve Scalise

“I wish Kanye would be 10% more subtle about his correct hatred for the Jews.” ~ Brett Stephens

“What he said was antisemitic, but Hitler doesn’t deserve to be canceled for it.” ~ Tom Cruise

“I find Ye’s comments completely reprehensible, unless he orders me to campaign for him in 2024.” ~ Ted Cruz

“He looks like someone I should kill, but he sounds like someone I should like. Brain…no…like…that?” ~ Kyle Rittenhouse

“It’s pretty antisemitic that when I publicly spout similarly antisemitic hate I get way less blowback.” ~ Ben Shapiro

“I had no idea who Hitler was when Kanye brought him along to dinner.” ~ Donald Trump