Republicans explain what white nationalism means to them

In an effort to gain insight into the radical ideology, The Onion asked Republicans to explain what white nationalism means to them, and this is what they said.

“White nationalism is all about being proud of whatever shade of white you are.” ~ Chris Breton, Truck Driver

“A myth, just like the Holocaust.” ~ Marjorie Taylor Greene, U.S. Represe

“It’s the dew on the freshly shorn grass in the early morning, it’s a sip of lemonade at the end of a hot summer day, it’s the arm of your friend around your shoulder. But most of all, it’s never ever having to see a Black person in my neighborhood.” ~ Sarah O’Reilly, Pharmacist

“It means I do most of my networking based on skull measurements.” ~ Thom Tillis, U.S. Senator

“It’s an easy, one-step process to separate the people I like from the people I hate.” ~ Dale Hartley, Police Officer

“The best way to get easy votes.” ~ Greg Gianforte, Montana Governor

“It’s important in this racially charged landscape to understand that white people are also a race. The best race.” ~ Ida Doonan, Aerospace Engineer

“It stands for a time when white people used to be first in line for any buffet, no matter what table they were sitting at.” ~ Ruth Vang, Administrative Assistant

“White nationalism means never having to say you’re sorry.” ~ Marsha Blackburn, U.S. Senator

“It’s my entire identity as a hardworking American who wants to achieve the American Dream but knows that, if he doesn’t, it’s all because of the Jews.” ~ Will Coatney, Sales Manager

“‘White nationalism’ is a term I usually switch out for the word ‘patriotism’ so that it takes people a little longer to realize they’re supporting the ethnostate.” ~ Kay Ivey, Alabama Governor

“Other shapes just don’t burn as good as a cross.” ~ Pat Quinn, Server

“I prefer to think of myself as more of a white supremacist. I don’t think instituting white supremacy should be confined merely to America. There’s a whole world out there that could be whiter.” ~ Ted Burkley, College Football Referee

“Pundits like to slice and dice America with confusing definitions of white nationalism, but really all it means is that white people deserve better treatment and are inherently superior to Black people like myself.” ~ Tim Scott, U.S. Senator And Presidential Candidate